Basic data:

  • share of the exports and imports of goods and services in total GDP: 46.1% and 49.4%
  • total value of (2013, current prices):
    • import - €155 bn.
    • export - €153 bn.
  • main commodity groups in Polish foreign trade in 2012: machinery, mechanical appliances and transport equipment, industrial goods, chemicals and related products, mineral fuels, lubricants and derivative materials, food products and live animal stock
  • main export products: cars and car parts, steel and steel products, copper, coal, electronic devices, furniture, ships and boats

Foreign trade with India:

  • import from India - 0,62%, export to India - 0,33% of the total Poland's world trade of commodities, i.e. €963 m. and €516 m. respectively
  • main categories of commodities exported from India to Poland: clothing, shoes and parts, cotton yarn, carpets, stainless steel, linen, articles of natural stone, combustion engines, tea, tobacco, marble, travertine and sandstone, products of chemical industry, machines and transport equipment
  • main categories of commodities imported to India from Poland: complete plants for the mining and power industry, weaponry and equipment for Indian army, machinery and engineering equipment, steel industry products, chemical industry products, pharmaceuticals, paper industry products