McKinsey establishes Knowledge Centre in Wroclaw


McKinsey – the leading international strategic consulting company – has decided to establish its fourth Knowledge Centre in Wroclaw (south-western Poland). Three other centres operate in India, China and the USA. Their task is to create analyses for consultants in the company’s offices all over the world. The centre will employ up to 100 analysts.

Why Poland? Why Wroclaw? Glenn Forman, the head of the Knowledge Centres network, says:
“The search was long – Wroclaw was one of the 90 cities in Europe we considered. Our work consists of analysing, so naturally, when looking for a location, we base our decision on detailed reports and data. There were plenty of factors in favour of your city. What is particularly worth of mentioning is the incredible potential of Wroclaw. Its strength lies in its colleges and young people’s talents. Talented, creative people – these are the assets we are looking for.”